Lighthouse Pentecostal Ministry, Int.

An Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry


Proven Anchors for Present Storms

The Anchor Holds In Spite of The Storm


     This  is an Apostolic Ministry that teaches and preaches Bibical doctrines as taught by the Apostles. This is not a place of compromise or debate. Our heritage is made up of anointed men and women of God whose motto is, "Buy the Truth and sell it not". This is a place where we contend for the Manifested Presence of God preaching the Word of Truth in the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost to win the lost, edify the saints and glorify God. It  is here that we contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. As God's anointed, we are humble yet, we are bold. Our path is straight; our gate is narrow. We travel the Highway of Holiness as the Redeemed of God Heaven-bound. We boldly proclaim that that Jesus Christ is Lord and that there is but One Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism. . 

- Bishop Gerri Janeway, Founder


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